About Us

We are a diverse team of founders, makers, operators, executors, investors, and technologists who came together to create the change we always wanted to see in the industry.

Today we are proud to say that we are on a good path, that in a short time we have managed to become a solid and reliable company, but What is TrackChain? We are not a bank or logistics software, we are a disruptive ecosystem, which brings fresh air to the logistics and supply chain industry.

We know that at this moment we cannot lower our guard, that is why we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to improve, we trust a team that puts great effort and passion into each project, people with a fresh and revolutionary mind they grow and make us improve as a company. The Bridge to The New Smart Logistics is our motto and we are sure that evolution is based on breaking schemes, on changing things.

That is why we not only believe in internal thinking outside the box but in changing the box. Trust, without a doubt, is one of our strongest and important values, which each and every one of our team mates builds every day and in a unique way, create the best logistics experience for our global customers is the most important thing that we work for.

We are happy to lead this much-needed innovation and with your help, we willtake the next step towards the future of logistics and supply chain.